Selected Publications 

CFD-DEM-PBM coupled model
PBM-ANN coupled model
bilayer tablets dissolution
Flowsheet optimization of CM
Computationally efficient technique
effects of improper mixing
Compartment based PBM
model development in comilling
Quantitative analysis of drug mig.


Our group conducts research related to modeling, simulation, control and optimization of nonlinear distributed and lumped processes. Applications include pharmaceutical processes, agro-chemical, petrochemical and refinery processes, and energy related processes. We couple tools from physics, chemistry, biology with mathematical modeling and systems engineering to develop quantitative and predicitve model frameworks. Experimental validation is also an integral part of our research.

Lab Group 2013
Lab Group 2013

Front (L-R): Maximilian Besenhard, Dana Barrasso, Maitraye Sen, Anuj Prakash, Anwesha Chaudhury, Alexander Niziolek Back (L-R): Ravendra Singh, Sarang Oka, Rohit Ramachandran, Abhisekh Sahay

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Lab Group 2018
Lab Group 2018

Left : Front - Rear : Phillip (Visiting student), Nirupa, Shashank, Indu, Yukteshwar, ,Remi, Rohit. Right : Front - Rear : Veronica, Ashu, Subhodh, Ravendra, Anik, Chaitanya

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Lab Group 2017
Lab Group 2017

L-R : Front Row : Shashank, Indu, Remi, Veronica, Anik, Nirupa, Daisy, Savitha, Glinka, Rohit Back : Lalith, Sarang, Ashu, Yukteshwar, Subhodh, Chaitanya, Ravendra, Andres, Anveshan, Diana, Maria

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Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering,

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,

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