Group publications 2020

103. A novel adaptive sampling based methodology for feasible region identification of compute intensive models using artificial neural network.

102. Adsorption of positively and negatively charged heavy metal ions from wastewater by heteroaggregates of biopolymer particles.

101. Digital Twins in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: A Literature Review.

100. Development and validation of a two-dimensional population balance model for a supercritical CO2 antisolvent batch crystallization process.

99. Accelerating multi-dimensional population balance model simulations via a highly scalable framework using GPUs.

98. Understanding the Effect of Granulation and Milling Process Parameters on the Quality Attributes of Milled Granules.

97. Mechanistic understanding of granule growth behavior in bi-component wet granulation processes with wettability differentials.

96. An evaluation of the Johanson model for roller compaction process development for a high dose API.

95. Powder bed packing and API content homogeneity of granules in single drop granule formation.

94. Characterization of NIR interfaces for the feeding and in-line monitoring of a continuous granulation process.

93. Investigating particle-level dynamics to understand bulk behavior in a lab-scale Agitated Filter Dryer (AFD) using Discrete Element Method (DEM).

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