Publications [2019]


A. Tamrakar, A. Zheng, P. Piccione, R. Ramachandran. Investigating particle-level dynamics to understand bulk behaviour in a lab-scale agitated filter dryer (AFD) using discrete element analysis (DEM). Advanced Powder Technology (Accepted November 2019)


A.. Román-Ospino, A. Tamrakar, B. Igne, E. Dimaso, C. Airiau, D. Clancy, G. Pereira, F. Muzzio, R. Singh, R. Ramachandran. Characterization of NIR interfaces for the feeding and in-line monitoring of a continuous granulation process. International Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. (Accepted November 2019)


Y. Baranwal, A. D. Roman-Ospino, G. Keyvan, J.M. Ha, E. P. Hong, F. J. Muzzio, R. Ramachandran. Prediction of dissolution profiles by non-destructive NIR spectroscopy in bilayer tablets. International Journal of Pharmaceutics (Accepted May 2019)


S. Karkala, N. Davis, C. Wassgren, Y. Shi, X. Liu, C. Riemann, G. Yacobian, R. Ramachandran. Calibration of Discrete Element Method Parameters for Cohesive Materials Using Dynamic Yield Strength and Shear Cell Experiments. Processes (Accepted May 2019)


N. Metta, M. Ghijs, E. Schäfer, A. Kumar, P. Cappuyns, I.Van Assche, R. Singh, R. Ramachandran, T. De Beer, M. Ierapetritou, I. Nopens. Dynamic flowsheet model development and sensitivity analysis of a continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing process using the wet granulation route. Process (Accepted 2019)


N. Metta, R. Ramachandran, M. Ierapetritou. A computationally efficient surrogate based reduction of a multiscale comill process mode. Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation (Accepted 2019).


A. Tamrakar, D. Reddy, R. Ramachandran. CFD-DEM-PBM Coupled Model Development and Validation of a 3D Top-spray Fluidized Bed Wet Granulation Process. Computers and Chemical Engineering (Accepted 2019)

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