Group publications in 2021

109. Identification of Granule Growth Regimes in High Shear Wet Granulation Processes Using a Physics-Constrained Neural Network

Authors: C. Sampat, R. Ramachandran

108. A compartment based population balance model for the prediction of steady and induction granule growth behavior in high shear wet granulation

Authors: I. Muthancheri, A. Chaturbedi, A. Betard, R. Ramachandran.

107. Recent Advances in Integrated Process Analytical Techniques, Modeling, and Control Strategies to Enable Continuous Biomanufacturing of Monoclonal Antibodies

Authors: V. Chopda, A. Gyrogypal, O. Yang, R. Singh, R. Ramachandran, H. Zhang, G. Tsilomelekis, S. Chundawat, M. Ierapetritou

106. Sampling optimization for blend monitoring of a low dose formulation in a tablet press feed frame using spatially resolved near-infrared spectroscopy

Authors: A. Roman-Ospino, Y. Baranwal, J. Li, J. Vargas, B. Igne, S. Bate, D. Brouckaert, F. Chauchard, D. Hausner, R. Ramachandran, R. Singh, F. Muzzio

105. A semi-mechanistic prediction of residence time metrics in twin screw granulation

Authors: S. Muddu, L. Kotamarthy, Rohit R.

104. A moving boundary model of dissolution from binary drug-excipient granules incorporating granule microstructure

Authors: K. M. Moroney, L. Kotamarthy, I. Muthancheri, R. Ramachandran, M. Vynnycky

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